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Bilbo's Maithgen, 1½ years old


Bilbo's Klothra, 6 years old

Sunkiss Lady of Loranville, 3 years old

familie.jpg (34235 bytes)

First litter of Glen puppies from Kennel Bilbo;
from left CH Knockroe Eamonn of Bilbo, CH Bilbo's Ashley, CH Bilbo's Ashford and
CH Glenheights Teaser.

Maggieogcolm.jpg (40356 bytes)

CH Bilbo's Maggie of Ballycotton & CH Bilbo's Killarney Colm are taking a little nap...:o)




v. Kate Bentzen - Skyttevej 3 - DK-3450 Allerød
Tlf.: (+45) 4817 7374 - Mobil: (+45) 4053 6151
E-mail: bilboglen(at)