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Breeders Classes

So far I've only shown two breeding classes;

The first one in 1992 under judge Michael McCarthy, Ireland

From left; CH Bilbo's Maggie of Ballycotton, Bilbo's Kingsley Ciara, Bilbo's Finbarra, Bilbo's Emerald of Ireland and Bilbo's Edvard O'Sullivan.


The second one in 1999 under judge Michael Kirby, Ireland

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of that class, but it consisted of;

CH Bilbo's Knox, Bilbo's Kavanagh, Bilbo's Justine O'Grady and CH Bilbo's Geraldine.

Both classes recieved honorary prize.

At the Danish Glen Club Show August 1999 I had a class.

From left: Bilbo's Justine O'Grady, Bilbo's Gwendylyhne, CH Bilbo's Klidna and Bilbo's Kavanagh

The class was BIS2

The judge was Annette Andersson, Sweden

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